Innovation in the transportation sector as a whole has been usually driven by safety. Either individual events (like ship or aviation incidents) or soaring road deaths figures have led decision-makers to new safety regulations and stimulated innovation. Transportation infrastructures and Smart Cities are changing this trend now by anticipating risks, but further progress must be made in relation to advanced safety technologies that bring early warning and protection to all transportation users.


Agricultural sector in India is facing various issues due to lack of technological advancements. Advancements in agricultural domains can not only boost our economy by significant margin but can also bring major social reforms.


Efficient Usage of Energy would be an important quote in the upcoming years as there would be a strong chance of exhausting all the non-renewable sources of energy as we would have to cater the demands of increasing population. To save ourselves from this, it would become imperative to save energy in all possible ways and here efficient energy consumption comes into picture. It not only involves the use of LEDs but also saving the energy in every possible way. Technology could provide a large platform to build some smart systems wherein we would be able to monitor the energy consumption and find ways to minimize it.


The first attempts to use technology to fix education have focused on using the Internet to distribute traditional content to a wider audience. This is good, but the Internet is a fundamentally different medium and capable of much more.Solutions that combine the mass scale of technology with one-on-one in-person interaction are particularly interesting to us.This may not require a “breakthrough” technology in the classical sense, but at a minimum it will require very new ways of doing things.


We need accurate, unbiased press to make our democracy work.We’re facing two major issues with news. The first is fake news. The business model for online media rewards the people who get the greatest number of page views, clicks and likes. That results in a system that prizes virality over truth. Building tools for fact-checking will become increasingly important.Second is the issue of protecting the freedom of the press. We’re looking to fund tools that can help protect and defend journalists and their sources.