Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship cell, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, WCE ACM Student Chapter, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli(WCE) is pleased to invite you to participate in 4th edition of WCE Hackathon at Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli. WCE Hackathon’18 was the first hackathon ever organized in Southern Maharashtra. This year it aims to provide even greater platform for the young developers across the country to nurture their ideas and build something innovative for good of the community. Event is designed for 48 hours, from 9th to 11th July 2021.

It will be an open platform application development and it will be on the participating team’s discretion whether to develop a web application or mobile application or any kind of software for any idea under provided domains.

Timeline for Hackathon 2021


Top 3 teams will be declared as winners from each track

Novice Track

New to coding? 🚀Kickstart your hackathons journey in Novice track with our Mentors.

Only a team of all first academic year students can choose to apply in Novice track. Teams in novice track that registered on or before June 14, 2021 will be eligible for mentor allotment.

Expert Track

Teams with 1 or more members from 2nd, 3rd or 4th academic year will be considered in Expert Track.


1. HealthCare Solutions

Although the level of technology in healthcare is at an all-time high, there is still immense potential to use technology to automate daily operative processes and tasks.

Data processing for hospitals, Virtual health assistant, Remote patient examination, Health Technology in Rural Areas, GPS Monitoring for Ambulances are some potential projects under this theme.

HealthCare Solutions

2. Efficient online learning

Efficient online learning

The education system continues to face multiple challenges in terms of the quality and delivery of education.Tech-based solutions can bridge the gap in learning and streamline the education system.

3. Financial Aid

It has been quite a while of Fin-Tech being in limelight and widely used however, the scope for improvement and advancements still prevails.

Expense management (personal finance), Investment guidance and services, loan lending, fast and secured payment gateways, online banking, insurance management are some of the areas that could be worked upon. Other such ideas are welcome too.

Financial Aid

4. Crowd Management and Safety/ Contactless systems

Crowd Management and Safety/ Contactless systems

Eliminating physical contact and avoiding crowds in daily activities is the need of the hour. The need and scope of work in this field is ever increasing in the period of the pandemic.

Even the existing solutions have a huge scope of improvement. Contactless offline shopping, virtual cloth trials, crowd management in public places are some domains that can be worked on.

5. Cyber Security

Being digitally surrounded, but still remaining secure and private has become a pronounced need now. There always exist loopholes in the systems that are cashed to take away data integrity and security.

The domain expects potential projects that could safeguard security during surfing, systems that identify and eliminate suspicious or potentially hazardous programs, safety layers during online transactions, and other such tools that complement cybersecurity.

Cyber Security


Business Guidance

Startups are initially just an idea. An idea that can be turned into a business opportunity if guided properly. Thus, the mentors and judges at WCE Hackathon 2021 would provide top class business guidance to the participants.

Domains of WCE-HACKATHON 2021

WCE-HACKATHON 2021 brings up innovative domains to be explored by ingenious minds of India. Providing domains increases the scope of innovation which would be restricted by direct problem statements.


First Prize            Rs. 25,000.
Second Prize       Rs. 15,000.
Third Prize           Rs. 10,000.
Incubation and Funding opportunities for budding StartUps.
And many more exciting gifts.


WCE ACM Student Chapter

WCE ACM Student Chapter is a group of ignited minds boosted by the technology & computer science who have come together to contribute towards the development of computer community.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, WCE Sangli

The department was established in the year 1986 with the introduction of undergraduate programme in Computer Science and Engineering


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